Who needs parents anyway?

“There are environmental effects,” he says. “But this is an important point that Harris makes: Environmental effects must not be equated with parenting effects. There is also the culture, and when we talk about kids, culture equals peer group, pretty much.” A social circle, in other words, helps shape a kid’s personality and developmental outcomes, … Continue reading Who needs parents anyway?

From the comments on Marginal Revolution

These “decadence” pieces are really only written by people who are in the top 1% or at a minimum 10% of the global wealth distribution. Life doesn’t look so decadent to the median human. For the median human in the world (meaning, a Chinese or Indian peasant), 1970 resembled 1920 far more than 2020 and … Continue reading From the comments on Marginal Revolution

More ways to solve the Fermi Paradox

Wilczek also floats another idea - what if an alien civilization created a greenhouse effect to raise the temperature of a planet? For example, if extraterrestrials were currently researching Earth, they would likely notice the increased levels of carbon dioxide that are heating up our atmosphere. Similarly, we can looks for such signs around the exoplanets. An … Continue reading More ways to solve the Fermi Paradox